Knackeboul presents the Big Brother Awards

The evening program for the Big Brother Awards on 29 August in Zurich is becoming more concrete. We are very happy about the confirmations of Jasmin Clamor, Bruno Baeriswyl and Knackeboul.

Jasmin Clamor will lead through the program: 

Jasmin Clamor is a stage actress, singer and award-winning cabaret artist. Most recently she performed in the duo Hutzenlaub & Stäubli. Jasmin Clamor became famous with the character Lotti Stäubli in the women's music cabaret group Acapickels. She is also known as a film actress - in the Swiss movies "Stationspiraten" and "Tod in der Lochmatt" she embodied unmistakable female characters.

For the opening we could win padeluun, one of the co-founders of the worldwide Big Brother Awards:

padeluun is an artist and net activist who advocates for digital civil rights. He co-founded and built FoeBuD (now Digitalcourage e.V.) over 30 years ago. In Germany, the association is hosting the Big Brother Awards since 2000.

Who could be better suited to reopen the awards in Switzerland?

And our laudator, presenting the announcement of the Big Brother Awards winners, is Knackeboul!

There is more than one Knackeboul: there is the artist, there is the entertainer, there is the entrepreneur and there is the activist Knackeboul. These Knackebouls often face each other diametrically, contradict each other and even argue. They result in a Knackeboul that appears asymmetrical when viewed from the outside. But they always have one thing in common: in their different roles they draw their circles, leave their furrows behind and polarize. Their common strength lies where their circles overlap and reveal their blind spots to each other. They coincide where they are critical of the world, question the powerful, think about utopias and consistently ask about truth. Even if they know that there will be no simple answers.

The evening on 29 August starts at 19:00 in room KO2-F-180 in the main building of the University of Zurich (entrances via Rämistrasse 71 and Karl-Schmid-Strasse 4). A detailed program with all further information is coming soon.

[Update: 2019-7-9: Unfortunately,B. Baeriswyl cannot hold the Keynote anymore; as a replacement, we could win padeluun.]