The Jury of the Big Brother Awards 2019

We received over 40 nominations for the Big Brother Awards. These will now be evaluated by the jury. The jury consists of the non-profit and independent organizations Chaos Computer Club Switzerland, Digital Society, p≡p Foundation and Foundation for Consumer Protection. All of these organizations bring with them many years of expertise in matters of commitment to privacy and the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms.

Specifically, the following persons are involved in the selection and processing of nominations:

Nana Karlstetter works for the p≡p Foundation. Since the 1990s she has been in the context of the Chaos Computer Club and the Free Software/Privacy/Hacker Community. "For good reason, privacy is a human right. Societies, economic and technological structures that respect and preserve this are crucial for a sustainable world."

Erik Schönenberger is a computer scientist and managing director of the Digital Society. For many years, he has been committed to civil liberties in a networked world. "It is not enough to have a constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy. It must also be possible to make concrete demands of this right at the state and private sector."

Bernd Fix is a board member of the German Wau Holland Foundation and co-founder of the Chaos Computer Club Switzerland (CCC-CH). "For us as hackers, data protection is not about protecting data - it is exclusively about protecting people from the misuse of their personal data by state or private actors. Society must decide how it wants to ensure this protection against the particular interests of companies and authorities."

Hernâni Marques is a computer linguist, sociologist and neuroinformatician, a member of the board of the Chaos Computer Club Switzerland (CCC-CH) and a member of the board of the p≡p Foundation. He helps to create technical tools, restore privacy and is politically committed to privacy, freedom of expression and information.

The nominees include companies, associations and government institutions. The cases impressively demonstrate that the data protection law in Switzerland must be modernised. In the coming week, the responsible commission in the National Council will discuss the third draft of a totally revised data protection law.

[Update 2019-07-09: Unfortunately, Alex Hettlingen and Cécile Thomi are not longer part of the jury.]