Big Brother Awards Switzerland: Nomination deadline opened!

After a break of 10 years, the negative prize for data kraken from business and politics will again be awarded in Switzerland. The new team consists of the Foundation for Consumer Protection, the Digital Society, the p≡p Foundation and the Chaos Computer Club Switzerland. From today until April 15, 2019, everyone can nominate data sinners for the Big Brother Award Switzerland 2019.

Since 1989, the Big Brother Awards have been awarded internationally to data sinners in 19 countries so far and have therefore been called "Oscars for Data Kraken" by Le Monde.

The data about our daily behavior on- and offline, information about what interests us, where we go, what we buy, how we live, how healthy or sick we are, with whom we communicate are tracked, recorded, collected and evaluated. The technical possibilities for this are growing inexorably. A consistent political will to protect this private data is often not discernible. Arguments that say that the unrestrained collection of data is happening for the good and advantage of consumers and for the protection of citizens are largely put forward. First and foremost, the data collection frenzy serves the advantage of companies, which, for example, advertise and manipulate their customers in a targeted manner, or the state, which is ultimately in a position to steer the actions of citizens.

Digitization is becoming more and more real and is permeating wider and wider areas of our everyday life. Fairness, balance and self-determination form the basis for a functioning, democratic society. People must be protected in their privacy, both in their role as citizens and as consumers. The framework conditions that are now being defined - such as the revision of the Swiss Data Protection Act - will have long-term implications.

We are re-launching the Big Brother Awards in Switzerland in order to make the general public aware of this problem and with the aim of ensuring that our core values continue to exist in the digitized world. To this end, we bring the worst data kraken from the private sector and politics to the the public eye.

Suitable nominees are companies, institutions or individuals domiciled in Switzerland that

  • disregard the right to privacy and/or
  • encourage the surveillance and control of persons or groups of persons,
  • by collecting or processing data illegally or on a large scale.

Nominations can be submitted by all. The nomination phase starts today and ends on 15th of April.

The award ceremony will take place on 29th of August in Zurich. The exact time and place will be announced in due course.

The Big Brother Awards Switzerland are an offer for discussion. Therefore we will inform the winners in advance and invite them to the award ceremony.