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No Big Brother Awards 2020

Over the last few weeks we have been facing highly challenging circumstances due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We care deeply about the well being of our community. With this in mind as well as with a heavy heart and in line with the latest advice from the Bundesrat, we have decided to cancel the Big Brother Awards (BBA) 2020.

Die Preisträger*innen der Big Brother Awards 2019

Today the Big Brother Awards 2019 took place at the University of Zurich. One prize each was awarded in the categories "State", "Public-Private-Partnership" and "Audience". The winners are the "Zwangsmassnahmengericht" of the Canton of Zurich, the "Bundesamt für Gesundheit" and PostFinance AG.

Knackeboul presents the Big Brother Awards

The evening program for the Big Brother Awards on 29 August in Zurich is becoming more concrete. We are very happy about the confirmations of Jasmin Clamor, Bruno Baeriswyl and Knackeboul.

The Jury of the Big Brother Awards 2019

We received over 40 nominations for the Big Brother Awards. These will now be evaluated by the jury. The jury consists of the non-profit and independent organizations Chaos Computer Club Switzerland, Digital Society, p≡p Foundation and Foundation for Consumer Protection. All of these organizations bring with them many years of expertise in matters of commitment to privacy and the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms.

Over 40 candidates for the Big Brother Awards

The Big Brother Awards will be presented at the University of Zurich on August 29, 2019. The nomination deadline has expired: More than 40 organizations were nominated for the negative award for data sinners. The submitted cases will now be examined by experts so that the jury can base its decision on well-founded facts.